Thanks to the generous support of friends and loved ones, our September capital fundraiser was a success. We now have the means to build and launch our social enterprise. Connect with us on social media to keep up to date with the latest as we prepare to launch our online store this winter!

What we do

Step 1: Preserve the Planet

We collect used bottle caps to keep them from becoming litter or landfill.  The bottle caps are upcycled to make custom, collectible gifts.

Step 2: Bring Joy to Others

Using upcycled bottle caps, we make and sell custom pendants for necklaces, key chains, buttons, ID tags, magnets, and other gifts. 

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Step 3: Give Hope to a Child

Proceeds from our bottle cap sales are used to fund life-saving clean water solutions for children living in extreme poverty through organizations like Compassion International.

Even before we launch, you can help our cause by donating your used bottle caps!

Learn More

Learn more about the ZBcaps mission and how you can join us to become a part of something truly life-changing.