Donate Your Bottle Caps to Make More ZBcaps


The better the condition of the bottle cap, the more likely it can be converted to a ZBcap and used to help fund life-saving water solutions. Twist-off caps are the best option since they don't require a bottle opener that could damage the top or edge.  If you must pry-off a cap, you can limit damage during opening by placing a U.S. quarter on top of the cap before applying gentle pressure with your bottle opener.


Every time you pop a top, throw your bottle cap into a bucket or jar (not in the trash or on the ground!).  Also be on the lookout for bottle caps littering streets, parking lots, parks, and other public places, and ask your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers to do the same.  Some of your local bars and restaurants may also be willing to collect their used bottle caps for you. You don't get if you don't ask!


To send us your bottle caps, place them in a padded envelope or box and mail them directly to us.  Use the form below to request our temporary receiving address until we officially launch.  Be sure to include your name and contact information (at least email) within your package!

As a thank you for your contribution to our cause, for every 1/2 lb. of used bottle caps you send (approx. 110 total), you will be entered into our monthly prize drawing.  As a bonus, every unique bottle cap not already in Zoe's collection will earn you an extra entry into the prize drawing! Maximum 10 total entries per person per month.

Ready to Send us your Bottle Caps?

Until we officially launch, please use the form below to request our temporary receiving address. Local pickup service may also be available for those living within the Bryan/College Station area.